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Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

Massage as a form of therapy has been around for centuries. The clinicians at Healthcare on Collins include both Myotherapists and Remedial Masseurs who all have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years of clinical practice.


Myotherapy is the treatment of the muscle pain, injury or tightness which affects most of us in our everyday lives and which can ultimately reduce our joint and general mobility. Myotherapy is fantastic in both the preventative and therapeutic stages of injury. How? A skilled Myotherapist during their assessment of you can detect any areas in the body which may lead to an increased risk of injury, or they can aide in your rehabilitation if you are already symptomatic and tailor their management of your condition accordingly.


Remedial massage also involves the treatment of injured or generally tight muscles with soft and deep tissue massage and is more commonly used in general health and performance management.

At Healthcare on Collins, many of the Myotherapists and Remedial Masseurs are keen sports people themselves, one has run over 35 marathons and another is a very keen triathlete. As a result they too have experienced many of the soft tissue problems that they see in others and so they are able to bring their years of practical and hands-on experience to all of their clients at Healthcare on Collins.

The Myotherapists and Remedial Masseurs at Healthcare on Collins are not only highly experienced in the assessment, treatment and management of sports related injuries, each and every day they also see people with problems related to poor posture and the stresses of everyday life. Problems such as headaches, that nagging shoulder pain and even lower back pain can be greatly relieved by Myotherapy or Remedial Massage. You will even receive advice on how to attain and maintain a better work setup and posture!


Treatments used may include a variety of modalities:

Massage – soft and/or deep tissue. [Some examples of this are knowing how deep to go when applying pressure and for how long to focus on a particular area when treating, so as to achieve optimal results. It is important to note here that a common response from patients who have had a poor experience with massage is that ‘they went too hard!’ or ‘they didn’t go hard enough!’. Your Therapist will constantly seek feedback from you and will adjust your treatment accordingly.]

Stretching – by assessing muscle length compared to the average person and showing you how to stretch appropriately.

Dry Needling – is used to decrease local areas of tension in muscles (Dry Needling)

Cupping – using heat a vacuum is created in a ceramic or glass cup. The cup is then placed over a tight area to relieve tension by ‘drawing it out’.

Taping – is used to support muscles and joints.

Exercise Prescription – to follow up your session, a home exercise program is essential so as to continue your progress.

All of the clinicians at Healthcare on Collins, including the Myotherapists and Remedial Masseurs, work closely with each other. The care and attention of all ensures comprehensive care for everyone. So, if you have that persistent pain that just won’t go away or are training for that next big event or even just starting out on your fitness journey come and see one of our amazing therapists to help to keep you on track!

To see one of the Myotherapists or Remedial Masseurs please call us on (03) 9650 4284 or book online.

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