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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Pilates focuses on strengthening and improving the mobility of your whole body. Clients are guided through specific move patterns that will boost their strength, overall fitness, posture and health. Clients are assessed as to their level of fitness and capabilities prior to commencing Pilates based exercises so that their program can be tailored to their specific needs and aims. Exercises using a Pilates based ethos are very technique specific and the emphasis is always on their correct execution.

Principles that guide your exercise performance during your sessions include concentrating on each movement, use of the abdominal and low back muscles, flowing, precise movement patterns, controlled breathing and the use of mental imagery such as “vertebral stacking”.

At Healthcare on Collins, in the Melbourne CBD, the number patients presenting with postural complaints is high and often the result of poor ergonomics. Exercise using Pilates principles will help in targeting the muscle imbalance, stiffness and tightness which are common consequences of poor posture.

At Healthcare on Collins our dedication is on high quality preparation and rehabilitation. As such, we have designed a fully equipped gymnasium area with free weights, pin loaded weight stations and Pilates apparatuses such as the reformer, trapeze table, Pilates ball, magic circle and wunderchair. Our Practitioners have all the tools necessary to help you prepare in your lead up to an event and/or to aid in your recovery from injury or surgery. Our aim is to get you back to your best physical health.

If new to Pilates based exercise, clients will begin with a 1:1 session with their clinician and, as they progress, will join into small group classes of 2 – 3 people.

Your practitioner will advise if your treatment and rehabilitation would benefit from the inclusion of exercises based on Pilates principles and the use of Pilates equipment.

For more information please read about our Physiotherapy Exercise Classes and phone our reception staff on (03) 9650 4284 for more information.

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